Welcome to Bimini’s New Cruise Port at Resorts World


Just when you thought there wasn’t more to explore in The Bahamas, another corner of our magnificent islands is open for discovery. Bimini isn’t exactly new to those coming to visit this part of the world. Immortalized in the writings of Ernest Hemmingway and marveled for its inexplicable “Bimini Road” geological site, this special place has long held the imagination of people worldwide.

The island is located to the west of the more clustered part of the Bahamian archipelago and has often been overlooked compared to other larger Bahamas islands. With the opening of Bimini’s new port, this hidden gem of an island (and Resorts World Bimini) has never been more accessible.


While Bimini has more than a few ways for guests to arrive, until now not every part of the island was properly serviced. For the very first time, the Out Island has a port large enough to support Oasis Class vessels. These are the largest cruise ships in the world; now they can dock directly in this area bejeweled by amazing properties with incredible beaches—all this thanks to Resorts World Bimini Cruise Port, which opened in the summer of 2021. Cruise companies dropping anchor here include Crystal Cruises, Carnival Cruise line, Virgin Voyages, and MSC Cruises. Here, instant access to the very best amenities is right at hand for disembarking guests.


Visitors arriving at the Resorts World Bimini Cruise Port would be pleased to know that The Hilton at Resorts World Bimini is just a 10-minute walk from the port. If you’re booked there, you can take a leisurely stroll to your check-in or opt for the complimentary tram. Not only will this comfortable conveyance gladly take you from the port, but you can also use it to get to any of the area’s Resorts World Bimini facilities completely free of charge!  No transportation costs from the moment you step off your cruise ship, just more time to enjoy our renowned beach club, the casino, and spa!


Resorts World Bimini prides itself on providing the very best resort experience for its guests. The natural place to start for most folks is Resorts Bimini Beach. Palm trees, sand, and shoreline define this perfect place to decompress and unwind. Leave behind all the stresses of everyday life as you sink into a hammock or take a swim in one of our lagoon pools. VIP service is available with our cabana rentals, which include exclusive meal menus and personalized bottle service. Or you can keep it simple with recliners and beach umbrellas. Get your feet wet in the ocean or just jump right in. Enjoy the waves any way you want!


Resorts World Bimini has gone all out to design an immersive experience in elegance for our guests. It all starts in the Hilton hotel – a stylish and sophisticated property guaranteed to take your breath away from the moment you walk in. The main floor is loaded with windows, welcoming and airy, always allowing views of the surrounding beauty inside. As for the rooms themselves, get ready to be spoiled! Whether you’re staying in a king bedroom, a double-queen, or one of the exclusive poolside suites, expect floor-to-ceiling windows, modern amenities, and first-class service.


Enjoying a good meal or imbibing a satisfying elixir is always part of a great luxury resort experience. Guests can enjoy a variety of dining offerings that will make their gourmet dreams come true. Start with the Lobby Bar, where you can wash down pastries with fine wines, specialty cocktails, and more. Wood-fired pizzas and succulent seafood is featured at The Tides. Those with a taste for Japanese fare will be delighted with the Sushi Bar. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a good burger, then Hemmingway’s is your stop. You also have options on the beach and by the pool, so eat and drink your way to happiness anywhere on the property!


Looking to do some shopping during your stay on Bimini? The Fisherman’s Village is an excellent option to pick up a few things without planning a day trip away from the resort. Located just steps from the Hilton hotel, here you will find an array of shops, restaurants, and even chic boutiques to choose from. Not only that, the adjacent marina has a fitness center and access to water sports so when you’re done picking up your favorite items, you can sign up for jet skis and paddleboats after!


The Serenity Spa is the place to go to treat yourself right and get some hands-on relaxation the way you deserve. This full-service spa has everything from nutrient-rich skin treatments to facials and full-body massages. Outstanding beauty services are also offered. Whether you’re seeking a full makeup makeover or a standout hairstyle, this is the place to come and feel as beautiful as you


No tour of Resorts World Bimini can be complete without a trip to the casino! The Resorts World Bimini Casino sports an expansive 10,000 square-foot space with all the live-action casino table games you love to play. Whether you’re looking for a little friendly competition or want to play for high stakes, there’s a table here for you. Encounter excitement at one of the over 160 slot machines. Try your hand at popular games like live Baccarat and Blackjack. Roll the dice at a Craps table and watch the crowd root you on. Take a spin at one of the Roulette tables and see what Lady Luck delivers to you.