Located adjacent to the hotel lobby, Hidden Treasures is your go-to retail spot for everything you need during your stay. Whether you forgot to pack an essential item or you’re craving a quick snack, we have you covered. Our store offers a diverse selection of necessities and delightful extras to make your visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Travel Essentials: Running low on toothpaste or forgot your sunscreen? No worries! We stock a comprehensive range of travel essentials, including toiletries, personal care items, and over-the-counter medications to ensure you’re always prepared.

Snacks & Drinks: Satisfy your hunger with our wide array of snacks and beverages to suit every craving. Choose from refreshing drinks, savory chips, sweet candies, and more.

Outdoor Needs: Planning to explore the great outdoors? Don’t let bugs ruin your adventure. Pick up bug spray, sunscreen, and other outdoor necessities to stay protected and comfortable during your excursions.

We  offer all of this and so much more! Stop by to explore.