Genting Rewards

Play to win. Play for rewards!

Stop by the Genting Rewards counter inside our casino to sign up for a free membership card. Then, use your card every time you play to earn valuable rewards including Free Play, retail discounts, Food & Beverage offers, and much more.

Join Genting Rewards and earn valuable points when playing your favorite slot machine or table game.

Earn a tier upgrade or renew your current tier status!*


Free to all members with up to 2,499 tier points earned


2,500 tier points earned


10,000 tier points earned


25,000 tier points earned


By invitation only


Visit the Genting Rewards Window to sign up. Membership is free for all guests 18 and older with a valid state/federal photo ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Tier Points?

Tier Points are used to determine your membership tier status on an annual basis. Your current tier card is good until June 30, 2024, and you will be earning tier points from now until then to determine your card status for July 1, 2024. Tier Points also enable us to reward our members with premium benefits, perks, and exclusive privileges. To see if you qualify for an upgrade, please visit Genting Rewards.

How do I earn Tier Points?

Tier Points can be earned by playing any of our over 6,000 games. Tier Points have no monetary value and cannot be used in lieu of cash.

Will my Tier Points expire?

Tier Points are only applicable for the time frame in which they are earned. This does not impact your promotional points, which are the visible points you see when your membership card is inserted in any slot machine.

  1. Resorts World Bimini (“RWB”) Player’s Club Membership ( hereafter referred to as “Genting Rewards” is free and available to individuals aged 18 or above that present a valid Federal or State issued picture I.D. or valid passport.
  2. Federal or state-issued picture I.D. or valid passport is required for offer redemption, member account inquiry and use of membership benefits of the card.
  3. The benefits of the Genting Rewards card are intended for the use of the person listed on the account (member).  Points, rewards, invitations and all other items that are a result of membership are non-transferable by sale, assignment or otherwise and are the property of RWB and must be returned upon the request RWB.  The member may not allow any other person to engage or transact using his or her card.
  4. RWB is not responsible for lost or stolen cards, including the misuse of loss or stolen cards.
  5. The member has a choice of activating the Personal Identification Number (PIN).  The member is responsible for keeping their PIN confidential and secure and is responsible for any transactions accessed using the PIN.
  6. All reward points in an account will expire and be deleted if there is no activity in the account for a period of 4 months (the “ Expiration Policy”).  RWB may change the Expiration Policy at its discretion.
  7. If applicable, expiration dates will be printed on free play or point redeemable vouchers when issued.
  8. The Genting Rewards card must be property inserted into the slot machine’s card reader to record play and earn points.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure proper use of the card.  Any loss of communication between the slot system and the reward system will result in play not being rated and nullification of rewards for that play.  Management reserves the right to make adjustment to the account due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud or other errors including misuse of the Genting Rewards card.
  9. Genting Rewards points have no “cash value” and therefore no currency or coin will be issued in lieu thereof.
  10. Registration for Genting Rewards indicates acceptance by the registrant of the governing card rules and regulations of Genting Rewards membership.  RWB reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time, for any reason, subject to any regulatory approval provided such modification shall not materially alter or change any member’s rewards already acquired or redeemed.
  11. A complete set of updated rules and regulations, any amendments thereto will be made available on the RWB website.
  12. RWB reserves the right to deny application for membership or terminate membership at any time in its sole discretion.
  13. If any member has not complied with the rules, regulations and procedures of the program in any manner and/or there has been an occurrence of misuse of the Genting Rewards card, fraud, misrepresentation or improper conduct as determined by RWB at its sole discretion, RWB may terminate the membership.  In lieu of termination, RWB may, at its sole discretion, deduct rewards points, rescind offers and/or downgrade the member’s account status but permit the individual to remain a member.
  14. RWB may suspend membership benefits of Genting Rewards members who (a) have been issued credit and are in default in repayment of that credit, (b) have had check(s) cashed and returned for non-payment, or (c) are in any other way delinquent with respect to payments owed to RWB.  When the suspended member becomes current on all payments owed to RWB the membership benefits and rewards points may be reinstated.  The decision to reinstate membership benefits and/or reward points is at the sole discretion of RWB.
  15. Any Genting Rewards account discrepancies should be immediately reported to RWB Player’s Club or VIP Services personnel to be eligible for correction.
  16. Genting Rewards members should notify RWB of any name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number changes in order to continue to receive information on the RWB /Genting Rewards offers, benefits or other promotions.
  17. Any and all applicable sales taxes relating to awards received by Genting Rewards member shall be the sole responsibility of the member.
  18. Genting Rewards coupons or free play vouchers that have been mutilated, forged, misprinted, altered, tampered with, mechanically reproduced, are illegible, or have been obtained by any means other than pursuant to these or specific promotions are automatically void.
  19. RWB may introduce other promotions that operate in association with Genting Rewards.  All rules, conditions and procedures for these promotions will be detailed in the official rules of each specific associated promotion.
  20. Individuals who are excluded from casino facilities through a government program, on their own request, at the sole discretion of RWB are not eligible to participate in Genting Rewards.
  21. Employees of RWB are not permitted membership in Genting Rewards and are not permitted to game in the casino.
  22. The Genting Rewards Program at RWB is part of the global Genting Rewards Program membership network.  The member permits RWB to disclose membership information to its affiliates within the Genting Rewards Program network.

How do I earn Promotional Points?

When you join Genting Rewards, you’ll receive your free membership card to accrue promotional points based on your gaming play. These points have a monetary value equating to $1=100 points. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

During special promotions, points may be earned from winning a drawing or giveaway. These points will not affect your Tier Point/membership status, i.e. eligible for a card upgrade due to winning promotional points.

Where can I use my points?

You can use your Genting Rewards points at any Food & Beverage outlet operating inside our casino.

Will my points expire?

Yes, they will expire after 120 days of inactivity on the card.

If I spend and use my points for redemption, will my Tier Points be deducted as well?

No, your Tier Points will not be deducted as they have no monetary value and only determine your membership tier status.

Your card status is based on your tier point level. A reminder mailer will be sent to notify you of your current card status and alert you to how many points are required to maintain the current level and how many points are needed for an upgrade.

Will card status have to be earned every year?

Yes, all levels above a Classic card will need to be earned/maintained every year. If you believe you qualify for the next card level, please visit Genting Rewards.

If I get upgraded, will my Genting Points be transferred to my new card status?

Yes, all of your points will be transferred to your new card type. The validity of your Tier Points will continue for the same calendar year.

I have an extra/duplicate membership card. Can I use that to buy things?

Your secondary card—differentiated by an asterisk symbol—can only be used to earn points while gaming. Your main card—without the asterisk—is the card accepted at dining and food outlets. A valid ID is required for all transactions.

I have received notification to be upgraded to the next tier. What do I need to do?

If you’ve received notification of a status upgrade, please visit Genting Rewards with your valid photo ID to receive your new card. Be sure to verify/update your account details, especially email address so that you can easily receive membership promotions, notifications, and offers.

The Genting Rewards Membership Card (GRC) is issued by Resorts World Casino Bimini (RWCB) to approved and selected guests and shall be subject to (a) the General Terms and Conditions governing the generic cards issued by the respective card issuers (“General T & Cs”) AND (2) the Terms and Conditions listed below (“T & Cs”). Anyone who applies, holds or uses a GRC shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the T & Cs as stipulated below:-

1) The T & Cs

1.1 Any reference to these T & Cs shall include the T & Cs as amended or modified by RWCB at any time as RWCB deems fit in its absolute discretion and such amendments shall be deemed to have been notified to the members of GRC (“GRC Member(s)”) when RWCB posts the amendments on the GRC website, Genting Rewards counter and/or such places as RWCB shall deem fit.

1.2 If there is any discrepancy or inconsistency between the General T & Cs and the T & Cs herein contained, the T & Cs herein contained shall prevail to the extent of the discrepancy or inconsistency.

1.3 The T & Cs shall supersede any and all earlier governing terms and conditions of the GRC.

2)The GRC

2.1 The types of GRC offered by RWCB are:

(a) Black Card;
(b) Platinum Card;
(c) Gold Card;
(d) Silver Card;
(e) Red Card.

2.2 There are no restrictions for eligibility for GRC membership EXCEPT that the membership is not available and/or applicable for the following persons:
(a) Persons below the age of 18;
(b) Companies, partnerships, trading companies, sole proprietors, societies and any other types of incorporated or unincorporated body;
(c) Employees of the Genting Group;
(d) such other persons which RWB may from time to time determine at its absolute discretion

2.3 Any application for the GRC shall be subject to the approval of RWB, which approval shall be given or not given at RWCB‘s absolute discretion.

2.4 The GRC shall be valid for such period as may be determined by RWB at the time of issuance.

2.5 RWCB shall have the absolute rights, without any liabilities to the GRC Members, to change, substitute and/or replace all or any one type of the GRC with other new membership card without prior notice or assigning any reasons.

2.6 The GRC is the property of RWB and GRC Members shall keep their GRC safely and in good custody and whenever applicable, not to reveal their PIN to anyone.

3) Personal Data Policy

3.1 In order to be eligible to become a GRC Member and to enjoy the privileges and interests of GRC Members, the applicant will provide in the application form his/her personal data (consisting of name, identity card/passport number, nationality, date of birth, address, contact number(s), occupation, customer preferences and such other information as may be required by RWCB from time to time through other communications. In addition, RWB may also collect and have records of all transaction details when the GRC Members use the GRC, there will be associated information transfer to RWB in connection to usage of the GRC in properties managed and administered by RWCB‘s subsidiaries, affiliate and related companies that recognize and accept the GRC (“Other Properties”) and such other information about GRC Members that may be obtained indirectly through analyzing GRC Members’ activities and behavior (all the above shall be referred to collectively as the “Personal Data”).

3.2 RWCB respects the privacy of the applicant and GRC Members (as the case may be).

3.3 For applicants who are not successful in their applications, RWCB will destroy the relevant application form.

3.4 By completing and submitting the application form, RWB will consider the GRC Members have irrevocably and unconditionally agreed, consented, allowed and authorized:

(a) that the Personal Data to be held and stored in a database system managed by RWCB and/or its agents;

(b) RWB, without further notice to the GRC Members, to disclose the Personal Data to its holding company, subsidiaries, affiliates, associates, business partners, related organizations, owners or managers of other membership programs and/or to the Other Properties (“Affiliates”) to use and process the same for the purposes stipulated herein;

(c) RWB to use, process, share, disclose, transfer or deal with the Personal Data in whatever manner for general business, promotional and marketing purposes; including but not limited to fulfilling GRC Members’ requests, recognition and acceptance of GRC in Other Properties, to facilitate various services to GRC Members, to improve the Program, to create more opportunities for GRC Members to enjoy the GRC Program, to follow up with feedback, to extend special benefits and offers to GRC Members, marketing planning, product development, telemarketing promotions, SMS text messaging, direct mail, emails/eblast, surveys or research and other marketing programs or activities which RWB and/or the Other Properties believe are likely to benefit GRC Members, for the purpose of disclosure under the law or any court order or other governmental or regulatory bodies or such other purposes as RWB shall reasonably deem fit

3.5 The GRC Members shall immediately notify RWB in writing of any change of his/her personal data and information by contacting the GRC Customer Service Counters or email to whereupon RWB shall take all practicable steps to update the same within a reasonable time PROVIDED THAT RWB shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the GRC Members arising whether directly or indirectly from RWB ‘s delay or failure in updating the same for any reasons whatsoever.

3.6 RWB will take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure the security of the data at all times from any unauthorized access and RWB will endeavor not to disclose any personally identifiable information to any third parties other than disclosure to the parties and for purposes hereinbefore mentioned.

4) Upgrading of the GRC, RWB shall have the absolute discretion to offer to upgrade the GRC of any GRC Members in such manner and subject to such terms and conditions which RWB shall deem fit, provided always that:-

4.1 None of the GRC Members (including but not limited to the affected GRC Members) is entitled to object, question or request RWB for reasons or grounds supporting RWCB’s decision;

4.2 The affected GRC Members shall surrender and return their old GRC to RWB in exchange for the new GRC;

4.3 The offer of upgrade shall automatically lapse if the affected GRC Members shall fail to comply with the terms and conditions determined by RWB for such upgrade;

4.4 The upgraded GRC shall be similarly subject to the T & Cs herein contained, including but not limited to RWB’s right to downgrade the upgraded GRC under Condition 5 below.

5) Downgrading of the GRC

RWB shall, without any liabilities, have the absolute discretion to downgrade the GRC of any GRC Members without prior notice whereby:-

5.1 None of the GRC Members (including but not limited to the affected GRC Members) is entitled to object, question or request RWB for reasons or grounds supporting RWCB’s decision;

5.2 The affected GRC Members shall surrender and return their old GRC to RWB in exchange for the new GRC;

5.3 Any appeal on RWB’s decision will not be entertained;

5.4 RWCB shall be entitled to cancel and terminate the GRC without further notice should the affected GRC Members refuse to accept the downgraded GRC.

6) Replacement of GRC

6.1 GRC Members shall immediately notify RWB of any lost / stolen / damaged GRC and follow up with written confirmation within seven (7) days from the notification date.

6.2 RWB shall use its best endeavor to invalidate the lost / stolen / damaged GRC within a reasonable time provided always that RWB shall not be liable to refund or reimburse in whatever manner any losses or damages (either directly or indirectly) that may be suffered by GRC Members pursuant to the lost / stolen / damaged GRC or any delay in invalidating the lost / stolen / damaged GRC; including but not limited to inappropriate deduction of the Genting Points.

6.3 RWCB will replace the lost / stolen / damaged GRC for the affected GRC Members subject to payment of such penalty fees (via cash or promotional points) that may be imposed by RWB at the material time. RWB reserves its right to impose higher fees for the second request onwards and to terminate the GRC if the replacement requests are too excessive in the sole opinion of RWB.

7)Renewal of GRC

7.1 Subject to RWB’s discretion, GRC Members may apply to renew their GRC subject to payment of such administration fees as may be imposed by RWB at the material time.

7.2 Each type of GRC may be renewed at such terms and conditions pre-determined by RWB.

7.3 The T & Cs shall equally apply to the renewed GRC.

8) Supplementary Card (if applicable)

8.1 Only qualified GRC Members are allowed to apply for ONE (1) supplementary card.

8.2 Applications for supplementary cards are always subject to RWB’s approval. No appeal will be entertained.

8.3 Supplementary cards are subject to these T & Cs and the General T & Cs. Principal Members are responsible for the actions/omissions of the Supplementary Members and the Principal Members shall ensure their respective Supplementary Members are aware and agree to the T & Cs and the General T & Cs.

8.4 The card type of the supplementary card shall be similar to or lower than the principal GRC and unless otherwise decided by RWB, shall be automatically upgraded or downgraded in accordance to the principal GRC.

8.5 The supplementary card shall be automatically terminated or expired upon termination or expiration of the principal GRC.

9) Genting Points

9.1 Genting Points that may be recorded for each GRC upon gaming shall be determined by RWB at its sole discretion.

9.2 Any reference to the “Points” in the General T & Cs shall include Genting Points unless otherwise specified herein.

9.3 Unutilized Genting Points shall be automatically forfeited upon expiration of its shelf life or such period(s) as RWCB shall determine at its absolute discretion.

9.4 Genting Points have no cash or monetary value. Genting Points and any rights they confer, cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these T & Cs.

Genting Points are not the property of GRC Members and may be withdrawn, cancelled, forfeited, adjusted, set-off or deducted by RWB in whatever manner(s) and for whatever purpose(s) or reasons as RWB shall deem fit in its absolute discretion without any liabilities, prior notice and without having to assign any reasons to the GRC Members.

10) Offers for each type of GRC

10.1 Different benefits, offers, rewards, gifts or privileges (“Offers”) may be offered to different types of GRC in the business outlets operated and managed by RWB, its subsidiaries, associated and/or related companies (“Outlets”)

10.2 RWCB shall have the absolute discretion to change or withdraw from time to time all or any one of the Offers without prior notice or assigning any reasons.

10.3 GRC Members’ rights to enjoy any of the Offers shall be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the respective Outlets.

10.4 All Offers are not transferable to any other person and not exchangeable for any other offers.

10.5 Without prejudice to RWB‘s right to terminate the GRC, RWB is entitled to request the relevant GRC Member to pay for the actual price of the Offers if in the sole opinion of RWB, that GRC Member has transferred, assigned or sold the Offers for value.

11) Rules and Regulations of the Outlets and/or Other Properties

11.1 All GRC Members are subject to the rules and regulations governing the relevant Outlets and/or Other Properties (including but not limited to the rules and regulations governing any gaming) and the usage of any facilities available therein at the material time and all GRC Members shall observe and comply with such rules and regulations.

11.2 RWB is entitled to immediately terminate the GRC if the GRC Members fail or refuse to observe or comply with the applicable rules and regulations of the Outlets and/or Other Properties.

11.3 All GRC Members shall also comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing the usage of the GRC.

12) Suspension and Termination

12.1 RWB may at any time, at its absolute discretion, bar or suspend any GRC for such period(s) as RWB shall deem fit in its absolute discretion without prior notice or assigning any reasons. Whenever applicable, if the affected GRC Members fail to, refuse to observe/ comply with the terms and conditions of the suspension within the given period, RWB shall be entitled to terminate, cancel or withdraw such GRC without prior notice.

12.2 The GRC Members may terminate their GRC by notifying RWB in writing and returning the GRC to RWB.

12.3 RWCB may at any time, without any liabilities and at its absolute discretion, terminate, cancel or withdraw any GRC without prior notice or assigning any reasons.

12.4 Upon termination of the GRC in accordance with these T & Cs, all of the points and Offers accumulated under the GRC (both principal and supplementary) shall be automatically forfeited without further notice.

13) Miscellaneous

13.1 RWB is entitled to change the policy of GRC, the Offers and any other matters related to the GRC and/or the GRC Members without prior notice nor assigning any reasons, and RWB shall not be liable in whatever manner even though such changes may affect or diminish the rights and interests of any GRC Members.

13.2 RWB shall not be liable to the GRC Members or its supplementary card holder or its guest(s) for any loss, damage or expense (including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing any injury, death, damage to property or otherwise) whatsoever or howsoever caused by (whether directly or indirectly) or arising out of or in connection with their participation in the GRC program, usage of the GRC for whatever purposes (without limitation, usage of the GRC at the cash dispensary machines), loss of the GRC or revealing of PIN under whatever circumstances.

13.3 In the event the preceding condition shall be held invalid for any reason whatsoever and RWB becomes liable for loss, damage or expense that would otherwise have been excluded (or which can be excluded at law), such liability shall for all events be limited to Ringgit Malaysia : One Hundred (RM100.00) only.

13.4 GRC Members shall indemnify and hold GENM harmless against any liability for loss, penalty, damage, costs and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs) which may be incurred or suffered by RWB as a result of or arising directly or indirectly from any breach on the part of the GRC Members in complying and observing these T & Cs or otherwise in using the GRC or recovery of any outstanding amounts from the GRC Members.

13.5 These T & Cs shall be governed by Malaysian law and the parties hereto agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

13.6 The English version of the T & Cs shall prevail over other versions.