BIMINI, BAHAMAS Customs & Immigration


Visiting boaters must clear customs and immigration on arrival. Customs and immigration are available on property (at the seaplane base) during normal business hours. In case you expect to arrive after hours, customs and immigration attendance for clearance can be arranged by the marina upon request.

As you enter port, fly the yellow quarantine flag. Once docked, only the captain is permitted to leave the boat in order to clear the boat and crew with local customs and immigration. All passengers and crew are required to remain onboard until the vessel is cleared.

Customs clearance

All boaters have to Clear Customs to prior entering the Bahamas and obtain a PCR number (Trip Number), through the system C2C (Click to clear).

Documents, required information and payment can be uploaded and processed through the online system up to 14 days prior to entry in the Bahamas.

  • Maritime Declaration Form
  • Inward Report Form
  • Bahamas custom’s clearance form

The required documents are available here.

Please Note that hard copies of the below documents are not required, but only need to be submitted to C2C.

Upon arrival to the Bahamas the vessel Captain needs to present themselves with the PCR number at the Local Customs office.

Link to an explanatory video

Immigration clearance

Every person entering the Bahamas must have a valid Passport and must fill out and sign an immigration card.
Before leaving the Bahamas, every visitor has to return their copy of the immigration card to the dockmaster.

Specifically, Bahamas Immigration require the following:

Completion of Inward Passenger & Crew Manifest form which is filled out by the captain at the immigration office.

  • Every person onboard has to fill out an immigration card which the captain will present to immigration officers with every person’s passports. Immigration Cards will be provided by the marina Staff upon arrival.


During holidays, and high-demand periods, The dockmaster can arrange for Customs & Immigrations Officials to process entry on-site at RW dock Marina. Please contact the Dockmaster by phone at: +1 305-374-6664 Ext. 8001, through your Dockwa app or by email at 4 hours prior to your expected time of arrival. Kindly note that in case of arrival on holidays or after normal business hours, the authorities will impose an overtime fee payable directly to the officers attending.


Under customs regulation, captains sailing pleasure vessels not carrying cargo and operated for pleasure and recreation only, who are not sailing for reward or remuneration or for business purposes, must provide an inward declaration and apply for a cruising permit in order to sail from island to island within The Bahamas. through the system C2C

Please press here for more information from the official website.