Bimini Ultimate $14
Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Bacon, and Cheddar Cheese on a Croissant

Egg Mac Muffin $12
Smoked Ham, Fried Egg, Sliced Tomato and American Cheese


Margherita Pizza $14
Mozzarella Cheese, Sliced Tomatoes, Basil

Blue Water Seafood $28
Shrimp, Lobster, Mahi, Corn, Fontina Cheese

BBQ Chicken $20
Chicken, Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella Cheese

Junkanoo $24
Ham, Chicken, Pepperoni, Pineapple, Sweet Peppers, Jalapeños, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheeses


Caesar Salad $15
Chopped Romaine, Olives, Tomatoes, Garlic Croutons

Garden Greens $15
Shredded Carrots, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onions, Balsamic Dressing

Bimini Conch Fritters $14
Calypso Sauce

Grouper Fingers $16
Lemon-Goat Pepper Aioli

West Indian Curry $8
Chicken Patty

Jamaican Beef Patty $10

Savory Vegetable Patty $6

Fire Engine Spiced French Fries $6

All sandwiches and wraps are served with chips

Tuna Melt $14
Tuna Salad, Mozzarella Cheese, Bimini Bread

Crispy Chicken on $16
Brioche Bun Lettuce, Tomatoes, Swiss Cheese, Chipotle Spread

Turkey BLT Wrap $16
Smoked Turkey Breast, Crispy Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Ranch Mayonnaise

Jerk Chicken Wrap $16
Chicken Breast, Pepper Jack Cheese, Grilled Onions, Peppers, Salsa Roja Aioli

Grilled Vegetable Quesadilla $12
Goat Cheese, Pesto


Junkanoo Rush $6
Chocolate Gelato

Easy Squeezy $6
Vanilla Gelato

Fun In The Sun $6
Tropical Guava Gelato

Monkey Business $6
Banana Splash Gelato

Rocky Mountain $6
Tropical Coconut Gelato

Roll Over $6
Cookies and Cream Gelato

Village Rush $6
Carrot Cake Gelato

360-Degree $6
Strawberry Gelato

Bahama Mama $6
Pineapple Gelato

Blazing Bimini $6
Frozen Mango Gelato

Party On Bimini Beach $6
Salted Caramel Gelato

Toe In The Sand $6
Rum and Raisin Gelato

Kool Kit $6
Pomegranate Gelato


Warm Guava Duff with Rum Sauce  $8
Double Chocolate Rum Cake  $8
Selection of Cookies  $1.50
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Alice Town Carrot Cake  $8
Oreo Guava Cheesecake  $8
Bimini Homemade Rum Cake  $8

All items are subject to 18% service charge and 10% VAT. Some items may contain nuts, dairy, pork or shellfish.