The Perfect Weekend In Bimini


Planning the perfect getaway takes time, effort, and endless research. But vacations shouldn’t start with stress, so we’ve taken care of the hard part for you…

Waves tumbling in an unbelievable shade of turquoise, towering palm trees swaying in the fresh breeze, endless days of sand and sunshine, and the freedom to do whatever you please – these are the ingredients for the essential weekend getaway. But this time, don’t settle for ordinary. Take things up a notch with a weekend escape to a lush exotic island. No worries, we’re not taking you too far. Just 50 miles off the coast of South Florida, you’ll discover the otherworldly beauty of the closest Caribbean island to the US coast.

Bimini, Bahamas – you might recall the name from Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream, or from a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. who frequented the archipelago while writing world-renowned speeches. Aside from its fascinating history, Bimini has been making a new name for itself, and it all begins with the luxe Resorts World Bimini. This 750-acre beachfront resort on the north island brings travelers together from around the world to experience unparalleled luxury. And while the resort does have some impressive amenities (three pristine pools, oceanfront suites, restaurants led by the world’s top chefs, and the largest marina complex in the Bahamas), the real incentive for traveling here is the daily opportunity for adventure.

We’ve crafted the perfect weekend getaway to Resorts World Bimini, detailed down to the second. Welcome to your personal playground.


11:04 AM | You may now unfasten your seatbelts. Soaring over the island, you’ll find yourself in awe by how turquoise the ocean is. Fly direct from Miami with Bahamasair or catch a connecting flight from a variety of South Florida and New York area locations. Once you land in south Bimini, take a ferry to the north island, a quick bus ride, and voila! Behold, Resorts World Bimini.

11:39 AM | Check in to your luxury guest room. Try on a robe. Flop onto the plush white bed. Take a cat nap. Stare out to the views of Bimini Bay from your balcony. But most likely your stomach will be grumbling, so let’s grab a bite to eat.

1:17 PM | Mmmm… nothing better than fresh seafood, BBQ kabobs, and a cool Bahama Mama to kick off a Caribbean getaway. Oasis Pool Bar is a resort hot-spot located right within the ground-floor pool. Take a dip, watch luxury boats float towards the Mega Yacht Marina, and swim right up to your next tropical drink. After you indulge, take the celebration to the sand.

2:05 PM | Spend the next few hours lounging on luxury beach chairs under solar powered cabanas at Luna Beach, the resort’s newest luxury lifestyle beach club and restaurant on Paradise Beach. Collect buckets full of seashells, soak in the salt water, or just close your eyes and let the breeze work its magic.

5:01 PM | Enough relaxing, it’s time to explore. The best way to tour Bimini and get from point A to B on the seven-mile island is by golf cart. Rent one at the front desk and start driving south. You’ll discover locals’ friendly faces, rustic conch shacks, and historic landmarks like the famed Dolphin House. Stop along the stretch at Radio Beach, which you’ll find adorned with giant conch shells and vibrant blue water. Conclude your tour of the island with a visit to the Gallant Lady shipwreck at the southernmost point of the island.

7:31 PM | The sun’s about to set, and we know just the spot to watch. Head back to Luna Beach for Sunset Sessions with DJ Arlette. Half priced cocktails paired with unbelievable views – if only happy hour could be this good every Friday.

8:12 PM | Woah. A cotton candy colored sunset like no other.

8:30 PM | Waiting for you at the resort – gourmet burgers served straight off the grill, zesty hot wings, and specialty cocktails. Yup, it’s time for dinner. And it’s the first night, so let’s keep it casual. Hemingway’s is an in-casino sports bar that lets you catch the big game, watch guests take chances with lady luck, and feast on out-of-this-world food, all at the same time.

9:46 PM | Try your hand at blackjack, roulette, craps, and ultimate Texas hold ‘em. Or take a few rounds on the slot machines, who knows, you might just win big.

12:01 AM | Rest up. We’ve got a big adventure planned for tomorrow.


8:16 AM | Some say the first meal of the day is the most important, and The Tides definitely agrees. This bayside beauty of a restaurant features a daily breakfast buffet filled with all your classic favorites, plus a few twists. Enjoy freshly baked pastries, fresh fruit, and our ultimate favorite – Bimini bread French toast.


9:30 AM | Ready for the best part of your trip? Take a short catamaran ride a few miles off the coast to the legendary S.S. Sapona Shipwreck. This historic vessel lived through the Prohibition Era as a rum runner’s ship, until it ran aground over 80 years ago. It’s now one of the most popular snorkel sites in the Bahamas. Swim through the wreck and discover a world of vibrant marine life.


12:00 PM | Think the adventure part of your day is over? We’re just getting started. Your boat is now headed towards Honeymoon Harbor. Jump into the water and swim with up to 40 stingrays at a time. Feed them, pet them, and shuffle around your new favorite marine friends.


4:02 PM | Back on land. And we just can’t stop thinking back to those conch shacks we passed by yesterday. Let’s stop by the two island favorites, Joe’s and Stuart’s, and put them to a taste-test battle.

5:13 PM | All that excitement has us sleepy. The best spot to relax till nightfall: the resort’s Rooftop Infinity Pool.

7:40 PM | Time to eat again?! Well, yes, it’s always time to eat in Bimini. And tonight, we’re sticking with the ocean theme at The Sushi Bar. Expect more than your typical Japanese restaurant – The Sushi Bar is a passion project by Chef Hung Huynh, winner of Bravo’s Top Chef. Handmade dumplings, spicy noodle dishes, and innovative rolls. We’ll have one of everything, please.

9:36 PM | Last night in Bimini, so let’s do it big. Start off at Monkey Business, the resort’s adults-only rooftop bar and lounge, where fruity cocktails are served with shooting stars overhead. End your night bouncing between Island House and Big Johns, two Bimini local favorites. Kick back with a Kalik in hand, and dance to the sounds of Goombay beats playing on the speakers all night long.


9:27 AM | Good thing these curtains are black-out. Snooze.

11:02 AM | Rise and shine. You know what’s perfect for a lazy Sunday morning? Room service. Here’s what we’re ordering: two flatbread pizzas, sweet potato fries, lobster mac and cheese, and Bimini bread PB&J (yes, some of these items are off the kid’s menu).

11:08 AM | Before reality hits, let’s savor one last moment of serenity. Look back at your weekend’s best adventures while floating on a water hammock along Paradise Beach. Or take your reflections to Sabor, the resort’s huge, luxurious pool and Jacuzzi area.

1:00 PM | Time to head back home. But don’t be sad, we’ve got a way to extent your vacation a couple glorious minutes longer. Head towards the bay and step aboard an intimate eight-seater seaplane. These flights offered by Tropic Ocean Airways take you from the shores of Bimini to Miami or Fort Lauderdale in literally only 20 minutes. A seaplane ride is an excursion in itself – gaze out to the Caribbean waters that turn from turquoise to sapphire to baby blue, until you get a complete panoramic view of the South Florida coastline.

1:20 PM | Already planning the next trip. Till then, our souvenirs: a loaf of Bimini bread, a tan, and the biggest conch shell you’ve ever seen.

What would your weekend in Bimini look like?
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