5 Getaways Promising Fabulously Creative Culinary Experiences

As travel dreams continue to be viewed through the enduringly popular lens of food and drink, the topic of ultimate culinary bucket-list experiences seems apropos. Just in time, The Girlfriend offers you a curated cheat sheet of cool, outside-the-box foodie experiences to help stir your appetite for exceptional, food-oriented travel.

For those hankering to experience the magic of a Top Chef, head to the Resorts World Bimini, where the Season 3 winner of Bravo TV’s Top Chef competition, Hung Huynh, created the intimate, 24-seat restaurant The Sushi Bar when it opened in 2016 and still serves as culinary consultant. Huynh curated the menu — featuring sushi rolls, classic pad thai and handmade dumplings — and designed the open-kitchen operations so that your food will be prepared in front of you, adding an up-close-and-personal touch. The hidden-gem paradise beloved by Ernest Hemingway lies just 50 miles from Florida, the closest Bahamian island to the mainland and accessible by boat. As a bonus, you’ll also have some of the world’s best fishing, diving and snorkeling opportunities at your feet.

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