The out island adventure of a lifetime


..Before hitting the streets of Bimini, I took the time to explore the beautiful resort and left no nook or cranny unexplored and was delighted to find that there was activity that catered to every guest, whether it was serene relaxation you were after, to exhilarating adventures.

I would be remiss if I did not share that I had my first taste of the legendary Bimini bread that I’ve heard so much about – at nowhere else but RW Hemingway’s at the resort. It was recommended I have the grilled cheese sandwich made of course with Bimini bread (to which you can add either lobster, bacon or grilled chicken breast); I opted for the lobster which came sandwiched between thick-sliced Bimini bread with American cheese, and subbed out French fries for a salad (to ward off the guilt.) That sandwich was sheer decadence. My first taste of this island sweet bread was nothing short of delightful..

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