Your Luxurious Island Getaway in Bimini


You’ve been looking up flights while your zoom camera is turned off – we won’t tell your boss. You want a luxury island getaway; you deserve a luxury island getaway.  We know you don’t want to add anything more onto your plate so we took it upon ourselves to plan your next vacation.

Let’s talk location – crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches and the island breeze calling your name.  Say no more…


Bimini, Bahamas


Only a short fifty-mile boat ride or twenty-minute seaplane flight off the coast of Florida. This island of pure raw nature offers uninhabited secret spots, authentic Bahamian hospitality or if you like it new and fancy, a contemporary hotel experience featuring a full-service casino and the hottest day club sitting beach front and center. You can picture it – Resorts World is your host announcing the top DJs.  You’re laying back in your cabana as the sarong bottom covered ladies serve you up that frozen red and white Miami Vice. This tropical island is warm and sunny every day of the week.  There is WIFI…you’re tempted to check your emails, but the sun reflecting off the edge of that tall bottle of Casa Azul has caught your attention while the neighboring ladies in the next cabana over grab the hula hoops – those emails can wait.

Adventure Seekers

Beyond the beauties and the beaches, if you are an adventure seeker, Bimini has endless water sports for anyone seeking some dose of marine adventure – from reef snorkeling and diving to swimming with sharks and stingrays. Its exotic marine life is a world of its own where you can discover treasures and tales. Bimini Blue Adventures are the masters for providing unforgettable water adventures, private island cruises, and fishing charters.


Your long weekend has been reimagined with two lagoon pools, smooth Bahamian music and unobstructed ocean views and sunsets that include every color in the rainbow.  Happy hour in Bimini features the fruit cocktails or smooth bourdon with a ball of ice larger than a golf ball.  Getting hungry? Try the Caribbean jerk chicken bites and delicious conch the locals claim will boost your libido.

Nightlife more your style?  You and your closest friends will enjoy the transition at sunset from the day club to a dance bar setting featuring contemporary DJs and musicians.  For your winning pleasure, the casino floor with live black jack, Roulette, craps and slots are just steps away from your luxurious hotel room.

Whether you like it really fast or need to take it slow and recharge – you can be sure you will get the ultimate vacation experience at Resorts World Bimini.