Exploring The Distinct Culture of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a world-renowned destination not only because of its stunning nature. The country is kept alive by the vibrancy of its music, dance, celebrations, cuisine, and fervor for life. The archipelago welcomes millions of tourists from every corner of the earth year over year, yet continues to closely preserve its one-of-a-kind culture.
Guests staying at Resorts World Bimini have the unique experience of immersing themselves within the passion of the island, and experiencing the unique staples of Bahamian culture that are honored around the world. There’s no question as to why Bahamians are described as some of the most easy-going and hospitable people you could come across. The country has an undeniable zest for celebration in every day life, and invites visitors to join in the merriment.
The Bahamas is a blend of its African heritage and British structure inherited from its history as a British colony. While the Bahamian spirit is African, many of its laws and traditions are British, such as driving on the left side of the road, the Westminster parliamentary system, and even drinking tea as a daily routine. The majority of The Bahamas’ population is of West African descent, whose ancestors were forced into slavery. Bahamians throughout time have taken the suffering of their ancestors and have injected the raw emotion into their beloved cultural institutions. One combined art form that mirrors this passion fervently is Bahamian music and dance.


The Hypnotizing Melody of Goombay Music

Goombay is the official music and dance of The Bahamas. With a tropical calypso-style melody, Goombay is a musical method of storytelling and dancing often performed by The Bahamas’ honored rake and scrape bands. Rake and scrape music was born during the time of slavery in the Bahamas when slaves used the little resources they had to create music. They utilized everyday tools to create a unique sound that would be honored by generations to come.
Drums were made out of pork barrels and goatskin, bass violins were made of washtubs and strings, and the iconic sound of rake and scrape was crafted by a carpenter’s saw scraped with a metal file. The music of the Bahamas is a reflection of generations of both hardship and celebration, mixing and fine-tuning the sounds of Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Merengue, and Goombay to form one unique tropical sound.

Dancing to the Beat of the Island

Rake and scrape music in The Bahamas has inspired unique dance-forms honored in The Bahamas to this day. The Bahamian Quadrille and the Heel and Toe Polka are the two most traditional dances of the country, each transforming a traditional European dance into a Bahamian form of artistic expression. The dance is closely mirrored by the tantalizing sounds of Goombay, with two lines of men and women dancing in synchronized rhythm. Men will traditionally stomp their feet on the ground coordinated with the slap-sounding notes of the music.
Living in The Bahamas isn’t the only way to experience the sweet sounds of Goombay. Walking around the island of Bimini, visitors will quickly gain a sense of how well each of The Bahamas’ islands preserves its beloved music and dance. Goombay lives within the streets, neighborhoods, and ocean sides, giving tourists a palpable sensation of the Bahamas’ unbelievably unique culture.

Experiencing the Energy of Junkanoo

Perhaps the most vital expression of Bahamian culture is the celebration of Junkanoo. This annual parade is The Bahamas’ closest link to African heritage, celebrated since as early as the 16th century, and still preserved and honored year after year. The parade is held on multiple holidays throughout the year, often celebrated on New Year’s Day, Boxing Day, Independence Day, and during the Junkanoo Summer Festival. Junkanoo combines Bahamian music and dance into an organized parade of thousands of Bahamians. Participants are dressed head to toe in colorful, bright costumes, while creating the sounds of The Bahamas with goatskin drums, clanging cowbells, whistles, and horns, simultaneously dancing in a rhythmic dance-style called “rushing.” Often compared to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras and Rio’s Carnival, Junkanoo is a pure rush of energy, exemplifying the passionate preservation of Bahamian traditions.

Experience Otherworldly Flavors

Bahamian cuisine is marked by incredibly fresh flavors, mouthwatering ingredients, and electrifying spices. The cuisine of the island promises to never be bland, utilizing local meats and produce to create hearty and undeniably delicious meals. Seafood is the staple food of The Bahamas, but there’s so much more to taste than you’d expect.
Resorts World Bimini gives visitors a chance to explore the island and experience some of the most unique traditional dishes of The Bahamas. Here’s a peek at some of the flavors that might hit your taste buds when you step foot within any of the Bahamian islands:

Bahamian Stew Fish
Serenade your palate with the perfect combination of local Bahamian ingredients. This stew blends tomato, onion, celery, and spices to concoct a red sauce served over pan-friend snapper or grouper.

Conch Salad
Perhaps the most popular dish on the island, conch salad served in The Bahamas is always fresh, and always an unforgettable dining experience. This dish serves up a hefty portion of conch meat doused in a mixture of citrus and spicy pepper sauces, tossed with green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and celery.

Pigeon Peas and Rice
The perfect meal deserves the perfect side dish. This staple Bahamian side complements any meal you may encounter on island, combining pork, pigeon peas, tomatoes, celery, rice, and generous sprinkles of thyme.

Baked Crab
Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a baked meal with a satisfying crunch at the bite. This dish serves crab covered in breadcrumbs and zesty seasonings – all baked in the original shell.

Think cornbread cooked in a pan. This Bahamian specialty mixes butter, flour, milk, and sugar to make deliciously fluffy bread. Enjoy it on the side of any Bahamian specialty to satisfy those carb cravings.

Bimini Bread
An exploration through the Bahamian island of Bimini wouldn’t be complete without a taste of the island’s famed sweet treat. This staple dish is a heavenly rendition of a loaf of bread, but much sweeter, more buttery, and a whole lot more tempting. Bimini is loaded with local bakeries that serve up their best recipes, with varieties like cinnamon-raisin and fluffy coconut. Bet you can’t have just one bite.
The Bahamas simply exudes passion. Its entrancing music, lively dance, and distinct cuisine are three staple facets of its unique culture, alluring visitors from around the world, year after year. Staying at Resorts World Bimini gives visitors a chance to turn from tourists into true adventurers. Beyond the bounty of activities that lay within the resort is an island filled with immeasurable cultural treasures. Hear the music of the Bahamas play from every establishment, let loose and dance to the rhythm of the beat, and open your palate to a world of flavors you’ve never experienced before.